Guide on Budget Transparency for child rights

Many CSOs focus their budget work on particular sectors or on the implementation of specific human rights. One common struggle they face is accessing budget information that is detailed and current enough to monitor their chosen areas effectively.

Advocating for public access to more useful sector-specific budget information comes with its own challenges. For one thing, it is important for CSOs to be clear about exactly which kinds of information they need, which kinds already exist and where the most important transparency gaps lie.

If the latter questions are relevant to you or your organisation, this guide could be helpful for designing your own budget transparency research project. It explores how to design and conduct survey-based research on budget transparency in a chosen sector or pertaining to a specific human rights issue.

The guide uses the experiences of a study looking into budget transparency for child nutrition as a springboard to discuss some of the practical considerations for undertaking research of this kind, as well as variations to consider in your own context.

The Guide is a joint publication of AT4HR, the International Budget Partnership and Save the Children and was developed with the following target audience in mind:

- Members of civil society organisations or researchers in countries that did not form part of the pilot BTCN project who would like to replicate the research in their own countries.
- Civil society organisations or researchers in any country who would like to adapt the BTCN methodology to investigate another child rights issue, for example basic education or child protection.
- Researchers and human rights advocates who are interested in different methodologies for generating evidence to advance rights implementation and monitoring.
- Save the Children Child Rights Governance programme staff who may want to take on a similar exercise to the BTCN.